Gurtner Gas mobility equipped a large range of vehicles

Welcome on,  the gas mobility webside of the company Gurtner SA, the specialist for your specific needs for gas vehicles. We propose you range of LPG reducers for all types of cars and vehicles. Our LPG reducers are designed manufactured in France, in our workshop in Pontarlier (25).

Discover on this web site all our LPG solutions for small and big engines.

Mainly installed on gasoline-LPG vehicles, our  LPG reducers are also optimized for dual-fuel use (diesel-LPG).

Products Made in France

LPG Reducer MidJet Base

Solution for small engine

From 0 to 75 hp (0 to 55 kW)
Tested on cars by -5°C

LPG Reducer MidJet LT


The high range solution for compact standard cars

From 60 to 180 hp (45 to 135 kW)
Tested on cars by -20°C

LPG Reducer VapoJet Base

The comfort if wide-range adaptation

From 110 to 245 ch (80 to 180 kW)
Tested on cars by -10°C

LPG Reducer VapoJet Luxe

The best solution for powerful engines

From 190 to 430 hp (140 to 320 kW)
Tested on cars by -20°C


Midjet, the best compromis

Size or power ? ... Don't choose anymore !

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