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Welcome by Gurtner in Pontarlier (France)Entreprise Gurtner

Gurtner has experience in design, production and marketing of products used for gas and fluid circulation. Its know-how and its capability of adapting to the market make from Gurtner a trustable partner.

The company is situated in Pontarlier (25), near Switzerland, Germany and Italy, next to important main highways. More than 90 employees work for Gurtner. The company daily work to form its staff.

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100% made in France – 100% made in Gurtner :

  • Gurtner conception ; research and developement departement integrated into the company.
  • Gurtner production : 7 200 m² of workshop
  • Gurtner Marketing : same contacts present in the company


Gurtner, ins’t only a supplier… Gurtner is a technical partner

  • A policy of quality, of service and of listening to the customers
  • Personalization of your products
  • Research of specific technical solution to your needs and your market  
  • Adaptation to your constraints and waits
  • A strong daily environmental approach (ISO certified Gurtner 14001)


3 ISO certifications :

 ISO 9001ISO 14001IQ Net

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