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Conception, production, marketing... all our LPG reducers are made in our workshop situated in Pontarlier - France

Gurtner has got different department and services :



Research and development by Gurtner


Research & development  : engineers and technicians are working for innovation and products improvement


Marketing by Gurtner


Sales & Marketing : the same contacts to answer to your requests and needs


Production of LPG reducers 1

Production of LPG reducers 2

Production of LPG reducers 3


Production : production dedicated lines and experience in the industry of over 100 years.

A production standard or tailor-made to suit your needs


Quality by Gurtner 1

Quality by Gurtner 2

Quality by Gurtner 3

 LPG reducer control

Quality and metrology : quality preflight reception of raw materials.  100% of the  finished LPG reducers are controlled before shipment.



Purchasing department Gurtner


Purchasing : Purchasing: purchasing department in connection with the quality and design office to obtimiser purchases of raw materials and components, while ensuring compliance and quality constraints imposed


 Shop by Gurtner


Store shipping and receiving  : a department and a team dedicated to reception and delivery of parts and products



ProductsMade in France



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