LPG Reducer VapoJet Luxe

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The best solution for powerful engines

From 190 to 430 hp (140 to 320 kW)
Tested on cars by -20°C

Vapo-détendeur GPL Vapojet Luxe

Engine specifications:

Adjustable outlet pressure from 1 to 1,5 bar


Mechanical specifications:

  • Gas inlet interface: Ø 6 mm ou 8 mm
  • Engine coolant fitting: rotative elbow nipple Ø 16 mm
  • Gas outlet fitting: rotative elbow nipple Ø 12 mm or 16 mm
  • Inlet gas connection : Female M12x1 – possible 360° degree rotation for inlet and outlet water, and outlet gas
  • Temperature sensor fitting: tapping M5

Option : solenoid valve with filter



LPG reducer optimised for dual-fuel - Very good stability

Reffrences : 23388 / 06 - gas outlet Ø 12 ou 16 mm – gas inlet Ø 6 ou 8 mm

Dimensions and pictures of LPG reducer Vapojet Luxe

Dimensions of LPG reducer Vapojet luxe

3D LPG reducer Vapojet luxe   3D LPG reducer Vapojet luxe 23D LPG reducer Vapojet luxe 3




Midjet, the best compromis

Size or power ? ... Don't choose anymore !

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