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Repair kits for LPG reducers Gurtner

It is recommended to realize a complete maintenance of the product after every year or every 40 000 km (if more than 40 000 km performed per year) according to the quality of fuel used (for poor quality fuel, reduce the time between two servicing), if the vehicle hasn’t been used since 8 month, if the gas is polluted by impurities or oil causing a malfunction of the reducer.


Repair kits fo LPG reducer Midjet :

repair kit LPG reducer MidjetContains all wear parts including: equipped membrane Midjet, 2 fittings (Ø 12 mm and 16 mm), valve joints (inner cover and O-ring), plat joint, filter, inner cover…

Reference : 24601



Repair kits forLPG reducer Vapojet :

Repair kit LPG reducer VapojetContains all wear parts including: equipped membrane Vapojet, marble valve, screws, O-ring, 2 fittings (Ø 12 mm and Ø 16 mm), flash, pin…

Reference : 24600


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